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We are inclined to believe that a good heating and cooling system is one that you seldom have to think about. A vital aspect of comfort is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can rely on your comfort system year after year, even in the most extreme weather. Here at Garner Refrigeration and Heating, we strive to install state-of-the-art equipment, that's efficient and quiet. Our technicians are trained to get your system installed or repaired and working for your comfort as quickly as possible.

Standard Homes

A standard home is what we would consider a house that has a furnace inside with a ducting system and an air conditioner outside.  This is the most common way of heating and cooling a house or business.  Even though this is the most common way, it doesn't mean your options are limited.  As technology increases, we have more efficient equipment almost everyday to do the job.  Efficiency ratings rage drastically among equipment and manufacturers.  While it may seem like an impossible task when you first start you research and find information on heat pumps versus air conditioners, SEER ratings, modulating equipment versus two stage, our staff is trained and has the know how to help you find just the right system for your situation.  

Unique Homes

Sometimes we come across a home that has no duct work, or doesn't have the room to add duct work.  Log cabins are a great example of one of these situations.  While you may think that you are out of luck if you can't run duct work, we also have solutions for this!  We are an authorized Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer.  Mitsubishi manufactures what is commonly known as mini splits, or ductless units.  These are great in large open areas, such as a log cabin, or even in rooms that have been added on that you can't get duct work to.  These units are extremely quiet and energy efficient.  

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