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Being an energy-conscious person, my home is well insulated and sealed, but I've heard that a house being too well "leak proof" might add to air quality problems. Is this true and if so what can I do about it?
I already have a filter on my furnace and replace it frequently. Isn't this enough protection for my home?
I don't have allergies so why should I invest in a whole-house air cleaner?
My electricity/gas bills are too high. I'd like to save money on energy costs but don't want to sacrifice comfort.
My walls are cluttered with separate control panels for temperature, humidification, ventilation, air cleaner and/or fan. It is unattractive and inconvenient, what can I do?
Some rooms are too warm, others are too cool. What can I do to maintain a comfortable temperature while conserving money and energy?
The air in my home is excessively dry. My family's skin is dry and we are experiencing static electricity shocks.
There are several brands of heating and cooling equipment. Which brand do you recommend and why?

Why should I choose Garner Refrigeration and Heating to do my work?  What makes you different from everyone else?


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